International Seminar on Innovation in Mathematics and Mathematics Education (1st ISIM-MED) 2014
Innovation and Technology for Mathematics and Mathematics Education
Tanggal Kegiatan/Date: 
Wednesday-Sunday , 26-30 November 2014
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

The development and the availability of advanced technology, such as computer hardware and software, Internet, mobile devices, have direct impact on the practices of educational research and classroom activities, including in the fields of mathematics and mathematics education. Not only researchers and educational practicers haven been using technology in their works, but the government of many countries, from the developed to developing countries, have also been considering and integrating technology in their policy on education such as curriculum to some extent. Many technologies and innovations have been developed by researchers and developer to supported better mathematics education, including better mathematics teaching and learning. The advanced technological tools such as computer algebra systems (CAS), interactive and dynamic geometry, and hand-held devices, has been enabling the effectiveness of mathematics teaching and learning, and the horizon of research in mathematics and its applications continue to grow rapidly. These long experiences have been reported and published in many forums and journals around the world.

Considering this matter, the Department of Mathematics Education of Yogyakarta State University will conduct an International Seminar on Innovation in Mathematics and Mathematics Education. This is a joint conference with the 19th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics (ATCM 2014), 2nd International Symposium in Mathematics Education (ISMEI by SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics), and 3rd SendiMAT P4TK Matematika.

The conference will be organized jointly by:

    Department of Mathematics Education, Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia;
    SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics, Yogyakarta; and
    P4TK Matematika, Yogyakarta

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